Dental Care for Dogs and Cats in San Angelo, TX

Dental care is important to any animal’s overall health. A dental infection can cause health complications with the liver, heart, and kidneys and can have an adverse effect on overall health. One of the most prevalent pet health problems is dental disease, which affects both cats and dogs.

Despite these alarming statistics, many pet owners don’t fully understand the value of dental care to a pet’s well-being. There are various methods, such as dental chews, home brushing, and routine examinations, to improve your pet’s dental hygiene. Yet, professional cleanings are the best measure against dental problems for your pets. Prickly Pear Veterinary Hospital performs extensive cleanings for the area below the gums, which is difficult for you to view or access at home.

If your cat or dog has tooth decay, foul breath, or trouble eating, these could all be symptoms of dental disease. Call us now to learn more about our dental for cats and dogs and to book an appointment for your pet’s dental cleaning.

Dental For Cats and Dogs

Your veterinarian should examine your pet’s teeth at least once a year to identify dental disease early on and maintain your pet’s oral health. If you notice any of the following conditions, have your pet’s teeth examined as soon as possible:

  • Tooth loss
  • Bad breath
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain in the areas around the mouth
  • Extra teeth or baby teeth are still present
  • Teeth covered with tartar
  • Mouth bleeding
  • Mouth bleeding
  • Drooling

Some pets appear agitated when they have dental conditions. Therefore, any changes in your pet’s behavior should spur a visit to your veterinarian. Always exercise caution while checking your pet’s mouth at home because a distressed animal may bite.

Causes of Dental Problems in Pets

Even though cavities are less common in pets than in humans, animals can suffer from many of the same dental issues, including:

  • Damaged teeth and roots
  • Chronic gum disease
  • Infected teeth or abscesses
  • Fractured jaws
  • Malocclusion (misalignment of the teeth)
  • Palate abnormalities (e.g., cleft palate)

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the most prevalent dental issue among cats and dogs. It generally affects pets by age 4. This condition will deteriorate as your pet ages if necessary preventive measures are not performed. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital because chronic gum disease can create serious issues and unbearable pain for your pet. Your pet’s mouth is not the only area affected. Liver, kidney, and cardiac muscle abnormalities are other issues linked to this disease.

It begins with plaque that develops into tartar. Tartar is often visible and easy to remove above the gum line. However, tartar and plaque beneath the gums may cause infections in the jawbone and surrounding tissues.

Comprehensive dental cleaning is performed to treat periodontal disease, and X-rays help the veterinarian assess the severity of the condition. Based on the dental health of your pet, Prickly Pear Veterinary Hospital will make recommendations and give you options to consider.

Services at Prickly Pear Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo

Our veterinarians offer both preventive and restorative dental treatment and surgery for dogs and cats. Our services include the adjustment, cleaning, polishing, removal, and repair of your pet’s teeth and other dental treatment. A qualified veterinarian performs these procedures.

An oral examination of your pet’s mouth marks the start of the treatment. X-rays may be necessary to assess the condition of the jaw and roots beneath the gum line. A comprehensive dental examination and cleaning are carried out under anesthesia because most diseases happen beneath the gum line. Scaling and polishing eliminate tartar and plaque, similar to how your teeth are polished during your dental cleanings.

We understand how painful it may be to know that your pet needs dental surgery. Rest assured that you and your pet will have a stress-free experience thanks to our expertise. We’ll make every effort to make your pet’s stay with us a pleasant one. We will explain each step to you before surgery, including the requirements for preparation and post-surgery.

Why Dogs and Cats Need Professional Teeth Cleanings

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